Site Specific
Information Reports

Site Specific Information Reports (SSIRs) bring users full view into your tower assets and a new potential for revenue opportunities. Bringing together RF Coverage Potential, Demographics, Spectrum Ownership, and Regulatory Research, SSIRs provide tower owners a solution that helps them to position their towers for collocation opportunities to microwave engineers as well as companies looking to lease-up and/or acquire towers to enhance their portfolios.

Location Analysis

Types of Site Specific Information Reports


SSIR - CenSync Encompassed in the overall package of Site Specific Information Reports (SSIRs), CenSync provides wireless professionals such as tower owners and RF engineers with the ability of analyzing multiple datasets to evaluate the coverage potential at any given location. By bringing together tower locations, population density, business counts, and traffic counts, CenSync sets the stage to identify whether a proposed tower location is viable to meet the needs to serve that area or if other locations should be considered as alternatives. CenSync is dynamic where the information provided can position wireless professionals to make the right decision for their tower locations to best serve their customer base and also save money and avoid spending capital to build more towers than what are needed.


SSIR - Business Sync When considering tower locations within your portfolio to lease up to carriers or small internet service providers, BusSync is an ideal report within the SSIRs package that allows users to analyze the amount of businesses that are being covered from an RF perspective as well as how many businesses will be served by that tower location. BusSync does not just identify the number of businesses in proximity to the tower location but additionally shows the user the density of buildings and where the strength of the coverage will need to be enhanced to meet the needs of the clients.

Consolidot Table:

SSIR - Consolidot Table Consolidot provides a very robust output of the Regulatory filings near by the single or multiple sites a tower owner of RF engineer could be evaluating to serve their client needs. Within a competitive wireless industry, tower locations can encounter dense regulatory activity which can cause potential interference of service. By gaining the competitive records in proximity of towers locations, users of the Consolidot report can evaluate new locations to better serve their client base.


SSIR - SpecSync SpecSync reports within the SSIRs package open up the visibility for tower owners as to the current spectrum ownership occurring within the proximity of their proposed tower location. By identifying current spectrum ownership, this report can serve as an upselling document to those that own spectrum in the area to lease space on the tower locations to promote the engineering of RF and microwave to better service their client needs and demands.


SSIR - SpecSync RFSync reports within the SSIRs package allow for both RF engineers and tower owners to evaluate the RF potential at a given tower location. This insight allows for these users to prospect and identify voids in coverage and help to pinpoint the ideal locations to enhance the RF coverage potential for customers . The RFSync report provides both a contour of the coverage that the location as well as the granular multi-threshold coverage which includes the strength of each coverage threshold and it's penetration. Now users can see which homes, businesses, and other infrastructure will be coverage with RF propagation.

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