Mission Statement

We are committed and qualified, utilizing our engineering software platform SiteSync Pro and engineering service solutions in microwave, RF, and towers to be a vital partner in developing efficient, resilient, and game-changing wireless networks nationwide on behalf of our clients.


  • To deliver streamlined best practices for wireless engineering while maintaining and exceeding accuracy demands.
  • To present robust engineering capabilities to achieve performance enhanced and high resiliency networks.
  • To execute fast and aggressive buildout process that exceed delivery expectations while maintaining precise deployment implementation.

Corporate Profile

Wireless Applications, Corp. remains a top choice in bringing the most dynamic and innovative best practices in wireless engineering industry while still promoting the traditional modeling and mathematics embraced over the years. Through our 20 year history, we have seen many of our clients becoming experts in their vertical, bringing new age thinking and creativity to their networks. Positioning themselves to be the industry leaders of today, with expedited results, streamlined work flows, and even more accuracy capabilities, our solutions continue to lead our clients into easy transition to new technologies while still continuing to evolve their core networks. Whether it's a new build, optimization, or emerging technologies, Wireless Applications continues to grow and advance with their clients, and thus becoming a top partner in future deployments.

Based in Bellevue, Washington, our team of developers, engineers, and project managers are well qualified and skillful in the needs of the wireless industry related to Microwave Backhaul, RF Engineering, and Regulatory Compliance. We provide a solution- based service that blends our engineering software suite SiteSync Pro with our team of engineers to guide any team methodically through their network goals and expectations which help to save in CAPEXCapital Expenditure and OPEXOperating Expense expenses, eliminate redundant practices, and get networks up and on-air on schedule if not before!

What makes us different? We make you progressive!

We bring together SiteSync Pro and our engineering services to keep you on schedule and knowledgeable every step of the way. We help you to find your feasibility, opportunity, and efficiency while keeping you accurate and on time. Our "consider all options" approach to engineering allows for our users to make the right decisions with all the cards on the table to consider. We also keep it collaborative so that you and your team can continue to keep the project in motion with no internal road blocks. That, and a team that is well-seasoned can work collaboratively with you to get the job done!

We look forward to working with you to stay on the path and sprint past your competition!

What Do We Provide?

Robust and Innovative Wireless Engineering Software:

For Software as a Service (Saas) we are on our 4th generation SiteSync Pro.
  • Web-base and Compatible in Multiple Web Browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Safari).
  • Core SiteSync Pro Subscription equipped for end-to-end, unlimited engineering and priced per year/per user.
  • Users work and collaborate within company "ecosystem" and can interface directly with WAC Engineering Team. - Multiple basic to advanced components, easy GUI, free training, free updates.
  • Unlimited searching of filed structures, microwave, and access to additional datasets.
  • Design for tower location proposals, microwave paths, full networks, RF Coverage Propagation. - Manage and organize your networks, transports, supplemental documents, entity filing information, and portfolios.
  • Unique Add-In Features; The Network Tool (TNT3), CoreLogic Parcels, LiDARLaser Imaging Detection and Ranging, Keyhole Coordination.

Dynamic Engineering and Regulatory Services:

For Services, users can own their experience or collaborate with colleagues while utilizing SiteSync Pro.
  • We specialize and excel in FAA Airspace Analysis, providing complete analysis, tracking and filing deliverables.
  • We are versatile and experienced in performing multiple types FCC filings. We deliver comprehensive services in Microwave, Cellular Contours, PCSPeronal Communications Devices, 5-10 Year Forecasts, and ASRAntenna Structure Regirstration Registrations.
  • We produce exemplarily, end-to-end services in Microwave Coordination nationwide. We have an elaborate system of interference algorithms integrated with the SiteSync Pro microwave design features.
  • Staffed with seasoned Project Management, Regulatory Compliance, Spectrum, geographic information system, RF Design professionals for support of entire projects in collaboration with client labor needs.

FAA/FCC Filing

Over the past years we have successfully filed thousands of FAA filings and FCC registrations for telecom companies of all sizes and magnitude. Our unique professional services and familiarity with regulatory compliance filing, procedures, and contacts helps ensure filings are completed correctly and on time, to improve your company's processing efficiencies.

RF Engineering

Our RF engineers have worked on thousands of wireless sites throughout the US. We provide RF design, backhaul analysis, as well as 5-year and regulatory filings for build-outs large and small. Our site designs range from the first analog cellular markets ever to be served with mobile wireless voice communications to today's most advanced broadband wireless technologies.

Microwave Backhaul Engineering, Coordination and Filings

Our microwave engineers have successfully designed hundreds of microwave paths connecting wireless transmission sites throughout the US. Together, with our online SiteSync platform, we offer full research, coordination, filing and protection support services. Being the first to offer online microwave profiles ‐ then further improving our services with 30 meter terrain resolution ‐ our clients can develop highly accurate designs or leave it to us to carry out for them.

Software Development

We consistently devote resources to high-end programming which enriches our consulting services. This devotion has resulted in an exceptional composition of online engineering tools. Our software development team is proficient in a wide array of programming languages. The size and complexity of software projects we have worked on varies from single-user applications to corporate wide, multi-user platforms. Our software easily integrates database management and GIS mapping through the Internet.

Customer / Client Benefits

We Keep It Approachable:

Having a new software to learn or a new service to adapt to can be intimidating. Blending the two solutions can often become overwhelming.

We take you through integration of your data and networks smoothly so that the transition is not overbearing. We help to onboard your data, provide catered training of SiteSync Pro, and will handle all of the information gathering and setup to utilize our service offerings. Once you are ready we will consult with you about your goals and expectations and be in frequent contact related to timelines and statuses.

We Keep It Flexible:

Working with Wireless Applications, Corp adds cooperation, collaboration, and flexibility to any project endeavor! As a communication dashboard, it helps users of different wireless disciplines to more effectively visualize the state of their engineering and networks amongst internal colleagues who work in-step with each other to meet deployment timelines/benchmarks.

We Keep It Accurate:

Cultivating a fast-paced and efficient engineering practice can cause apprehension to any engineer, especially in wireless. Our solutions bring some of the most high resolution terrain modeling, frequently updated wireless-centric data, and carefully analyzed, tested, accepted and implemented algorithms in the industry to date. SiteSync Pro alongside the Wireless Applications, Corp. service solutions bring purposeful execution and results for any wireless provider looking to engineer their network from the start, enabling users to be the most groundbreaking and competitive in the industry.

We Keep It Fun:

Being in the ever-changing wireless industry and defining the landscape of your network is something to be passionate about! Blending the tradition of wireless engineering and achieving network greatness can be difficult, however through SiteSync Pro and our services we help to keep it effortless and fun! Our solutions help any user to help to alleviate the weight of volume and/or complexity and bring forth a sense of excitement and "what-ifs" to the challenges ahead.

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