GIS Consulting Services

GIS is highly-regarded in the wireless industry to provide compelling map and data visualization to network build plans highlighting areas that need upgrades and enhancements through thematic mapping. SiteSync Pro and our seasoned GIS team use GIS to bring mapping, cartography, and data analytics to the user to make educated decisions for their networks. Our team can provide high level cartography maps and reports related to Microwave, RF, Towers, Spectrum, and also work with the client to scope custom requests to meet their needs. Data results and outputs are delivered in PDF, Excel Spreadsheets, Google Earth (KML/KMZ, including 3D), MapInfo TAB, as well as printed documents.

GIS Services

GIS/Map Analysis

SSP - GIS Map Analysis We have the technology and experience to import, export, analyze and map a multitude of data such as: performance results, drive test data, locations, coverage, frequency ownership, demographic/census, FCC auction results, and terrain in an easy-to-read mapping format. This can be used to check system performance or plan system upgrades and/or expansions. The geographic information can then be either printed on our large-format plotter, exported to spreadsheet / database, or integrated into one of our on-line tools so the data can be shared to others, if needed.

Wireless Portfolio Analysis Services

SSP - GIS Portfolio Analysis Coupling our years of wireless experience with our GIS knowledge and expansive data warehouse, we have developed Wireless Portfolio Analysis Services that are unmatched in our industry. Given your Portfolio or a prospect portfolio we can perform a multitude of analysis and queries so companies can gain a better understanding of what they own or perform due-diligence on a prospective acquisition. We have the ability to analyze thousands of locations within a short period to give you both a summary and In-depth per location breakout. Any of our offered SSIR can be added to this analysis.

We analyze each location using Census/Demographic data, Worldwide Terrain Models, Street Traffic Counts, Business Density, American Roamer/ FCC Market Ownership, and Competitive Locations (FCC, FAA, Tower Companies).

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