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Wireless Applications, Corp. deliver comprehensive FAA/FCC Regulatory Compliance services for diverse wireless professionals dedicated to a myriad of tower-centric needs. From initial evaluation to professional recommendation, our team can work with you to identify the potential hazards and cautions that may greatly influence your FAA/FCC outcome.


SSPro - FAA Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Compliance for towers is one of the most critical components in wireless, but often the priority can be overlooked. Wireless Applications, Corp. partners with tower-centric companies to provide seamless and comprehensive filing services, allowing companies to focus their attention on expansion and optimization of their network/portfolio while having piece of mind they are FAA/FCC compliant. With our Regulatory Compliance services, our extensive technical expertise and guided recommendations help clients determine their priorities and understand what is critical related to their towers.

FAA Mapper Deluxe

All-encompasing regulatory package including comprehensive services offered below:

    SSPro Opinion Letters
  • WAC Opinion Letters

    Professional and comprehensive overview of potential issues/impacts of aviation safety near your site location. Opinion Letters provide a detailed analysis of possible hazard(s) to the nearest public-use landing facility (Airport, Heliport, Seaplane Base, etc.) based on the aviation procedures local airports have in place, which could greatly influence your overall regulatory status/timeline for the tower to be filed.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    PDFs of maps, topography, aerials, AM Studies

  • 7460-1 Filing

  • 7460-2 Filing

  • State DOT Filing

  • SSIR Location Analysis

    RF Coverage, Local Businesses, Competitive Tower Search, Spectrum Ownership, Population and Traffic Counts.

  • Virtual Vault of all documentation per tower asset

A la Carte Services

SSPro - FAA Regulatory Search Ring Analysis
  • FAA Search Ring Analysis

    Our Regulatory Specialist analyzes a specific search ring area to identify the best potential locations for your tower. Radio Frequency (RF) Engineers consider multiple variables including potential coverage, population demographics, and terrain data to find the most desirable sites for site acquisition. In addition, our Regulatory Specialist will analyze each site for airspace obstruction impact and provide the client with a report of results.

  • FAA Analysis Only

    By selecting to receive a FAA Analysis, our Regulatory Specialist will perform a full analysis of your structure to evaluate:

    ▪ Potential Airspace Obstruction

    ▪ Opinion Letter Creation

    ▪ Full Analysis and Documentation in Virtual Vault

SSIR - Business Sync
  • 7460-1 and 7460-2 FIling part I and II

    Utilize our service for automation, tracking and our Virtual Vault.

  • FCC Antenna Structure Registration Filing (Form 854)

    Our Regulatory Specialist will work collaboratively with the client to make sure that the filing processes are performed appropriately and accurately.

  • State DOT Filing

  • Custom Regulatory Analysis or Services

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