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For 20 years, Wireless Applications' philosophy towards traditional engineering has been to enhance the accuracy and credibility of design and engineering while promoting best practices in order to make companies efficient and competitive.

SiteSync Pro is unique in bringing web-based software to the user that is intuitive to learn and easy to navigate resolving every day wireless engineering challenges. SiteSync Pro's components and features allow for the user to quickly identify where they should "live" to accomplish their tasks.

SiteSync Pro has evolved over the years to bring a solution-based suite of common features that help to address towers, microwave backhaul, spectrum, and radio frequency analysis tools and engineering capabilities so that the user can have one central location to design their network to exact specifications and deployment expectations. Accompanied with highly detailed terrain data (DEM, SRTM, and now LiDAR), population data, multiple map interfaces, and direct access to FAA/FCC/Tower Company information, the user can feel at ease that they have all the critical information needed to engineer a well-thought out and high performance network for the future.
The SiteSync Edge
Benefit One: Increase Accuracy

No matter where you are in the engineering process, SiteSync Pro provides the user with the data and education of "what to consider" for your network. For those in the beginning stages, SiteSync Pro can provide competitive data of where current buildouts are happening nationwide, where legacy assets reside in comparison to the proposed network and possible issues that could infringe on the proposed design.

If the user is in mid-design, they can engineer specific to their LOS potential as well as radio and antenna specifications supplied some of the most common vendors nationwide. It's because of this engineering approach that our clients reach optimal reliabilities instantly and consistently.
Benefit Two: Increase Efficiency

For many companies in the wireless industry, in order to stay competitive, they must engineer and deploy quickly in order to achieve desired performance and dependability goals for their clients and customers. The Wireless Applications team has worked throughout the years to provide refined and innovative practices and processes that are now echoed inside of SiteSync Pro to bring the most simplistic approach to engineering while still honoring traditional methodologies.

SiteSync Pro presents an easy to learn interface that allows the user to import data that is important to them and carry out common engineering best practices to completion. Through detailed terrain data and access to up to date regulatory and equipment data, engineers cut time and costs and are able to engineer their links to their highest accuracy possible.
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Integrating Isolated Sites Into Backhaul Network EcoSystem

Wireless Applications has been working exclusively with a tier-1 carrier to assist them in finding reliable connectivity solutions for their microwave backhaul network. Wireless Applications was first approached with the request of providing a solution-based software engineering capability to conduct initial feasibility studies, extensive engineering functionality, and capabilities to organize their projects to monitor engineering and regulatory issues that were to be addressed during the deployment process.

Strategic Engineering for High Speed Networks

Wireless Applications has extensive experience in working with nationwide financial institutions to keep them highly competitive in the trading space. In working with these particular firms, our engineers have become very experienced and talented in always achieving the best performance for their network infrastructure, even in the most challenging of geographic locations and encountering of difficult variables to consider.

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