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WAC ID: 22
Site ID:
  NAD 83 NAD 27
Lat: 40 18' 12.20" 40 18' 11.84"
Long: 75 57' 53.90" 75 57' 55.16"
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Overall Height AMSL: 491 ft. / 149.66 m. Wireless Applications Home
Overall Tip Height:
130 ft. / 39.62 m.
120 ft. / 36.58 m.
361 ft. / 110.03 m.
Structure Height:
Ground Elevation:
Site Surveyed: Yes
System Type:
Location: Berks Physical Address: S Brobst St
City, State: Shillington, PA Zip: 19607

Contact: Angie Jolly Contact Phone:
Contact Fax:
Contact Email:
Email Override:
Contact Address: 123 Main Street Branch / Division:

FAA Region: Great Lakes Region DOT Notification: Yes
Date FAA Filed: Date FAA Approved:
FAA Study Number: Date Record Updated: 8/7/2015
FCC Registration Number: Date FCC Registration:
-- (11/4/2011 4:29:15 PM) -- I have a question, what can I do to get a cell tower on my property.Could you please e-mail me back and let me. Thank You -- (4/10/2012 10:13:28 AM) -- Do you have a map of the cell towers in Sparta Michigan? I need the Number and location of the towers. Need to know where Nextel Tower 244 is located. Thank you

Electronic Documents
 Opinion Letter  (103 k)  Glide Slope Map  (422 k)
 FAA Form 7460-1  (41 k)  AM Station Map  (262 k)
 Topographical Map  (450 k)  Approved FAA 7460-1
 Aerial Map  (344 k)  FAA 7460-2, Part I
 Aeronautical Map  (840 k)  FAA 7460-2, Part II
 IFR Map  (271 k)  FCC Registration-NE
 NAD Conversion  (11 k)  FCC Registration-NT
 Field Survey  Environmental Assessment
 IFR Computation  (10 k)  Marking/Lighting
 TOWAIR  (79 k)
 Shillington_PA_approaches.pdf (477 k)
 Shillington_PA_TERPS_map.pdf (606 k)
 SSIR Census Tower  (228 k)  SSIR Table Data  (197 k)
 SSIR Business Density  (351 k)  SSIR Spectrum Info  (60 k)
 SSIR RF Coverage  (670 k)
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